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Hello world!

Well, here I am. I’ve been wanting to blog about my cemetery visits for a few years now, but could never really get the ball rolling. I’ve just finished a semester of college and my goals over the summer are to visit more cemeteries and write about it here. But let’s go back further, shall we?

Hey, that's me!

Hey, that’s me!

I can’t really tell you where my cemetery obsession came from. I think it had something to do with trips I made with my mom and grandma when I was young. We would make the drive to our family cemeteries in and around Greencastle, Indiana. It’s almost a three hour ride there and back, so it woulds always be a whole day thing. I remember running around the gravestones while they changed the flowers on our family stones. When I got older, I started reading what was wrote on those gravestones, and really came to love one of those cemeteries. I always walk to the far side of Mount Pleasant in Hall, Indiana, where there’s a sloping hill and you can see for several miles. It’s still one of my favorites, for the peacefulness and the view.

After I graduated high school, I started researching the cemeteries in Jennings County, Indiana, and found that there were many that were lacking information about where they were and what conditions they were in. I started searching for these cemeteries so I could visit them to record this information and take pictures. This is when I found FindAGrave, and became a photo volunteer.

These days, I don’t get out as much due to college and work, but cemeteries are still a passion. It’s always kind of awkward for someone to ask me my hobbies, as I always say “web design, photography, going to cemeteries…” and a lot people just find that weird. I’m very happy to have found many, many people on the internet who love them too, so it’s great to share things here. If there’s one thing you will know about me, I’m always the only person in the car to shout out “cemetery!” when I see one as we drive by.

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  1. Pat Shireman Fish says:

    Your blog is outstanding Jennifer!!! Please lets all go sometime together. It is quiet and relaxing, but sometimes just a little depressing to go by myself.

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