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Yucca Plants and Restless Spirits

Bigger_BrushCreek_2111 I recently saw an article online about the significance of yucca plants found in cemeteries, and now I’m wondering why I never noticed that nearly every older cemetery I’ve visited has at least one of these plants. So why are yucca plants found in so many cemeteries?

20130112_hopecemeteryday_0207Digging online I found several sites that mentioned that Haitians believe the yucca plant can be used to keep restless spirits in their grave. It also seems that sometimes, yucca plants were used instead of headstones during the 19th and 20th centuries. Many times, a grave is marked by a stone and a yucca plant!

DSC02030It’s possible that yucca plants can point to unmarked graves and/or abandoned cemeteries that no longer have any visible stones, if they had any at all. Yucca plants stand out in many places in the United States, because they look more suitable to dry, desert climates. They are very hardy, can survive in different climates, and continue to grow year after year, so it makes sense they would be used as grave markers!

IMG_2341Have you ever came across a yucca plant in a cemetery?

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One thought on “Yucca Plants and Restless Spirits”

  1. Patricia Fish says:

    It often left as a surviving reminder. The other name for a yucca plant is know as a century plant.

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