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Cemetery in a Zoo


Yes, you read that right. The Louisville Zoo in Kentucky hosts a variety of animals and fun, but in the middle of the zoo is a small historic cemetery. There’s only a few markers in the actual cemetery, but a monument was erected in 1990 that lists more of the people buried inside the zoo.


The monument reads:

Phillips – Durrett – Clark Cemetery

Commemorated here is Jenkin Phillips 1744-1822
A pioneer who fought with General George Washington and helped survey much of Kentucky for
Henry Clay and the commonwealth of Virginia.

Darius Hamilton 1779 – 1826
Thomas Phillips 1768-1841
Sallie Phillips 1773-1829
Lydia B. Phillips 1859-1861
Lydia Clark 1779-1850
Richard Phillips 1773-1830
Samuel Phillips 1834-1853
Samuel Phillips 1797-1854
Joanna Phillips died 1852
Hannah Allen Phillips 1846-1846
Hanna DuBerley Phillips 1841-1845
Virginia Riley 1813-1843
and other members of these pioneer families

Erected by Louisville Zoological Garden, 1990

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