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The Pigeon Roost Massacre


Pigeon Roost was a small village in Indiana, established in 1809 by William E. Collings. It’s current day location is between Scottsburg and Henryville, near Underwood, Indiana.


Shortly after the War of 1812 began, a war party of Native Americans made a surprise attack on Pigeon Roost. Twenty-four settlers were massacred, fifteen of them being children, and two other children were kidnapped.


This was the first Native American attack in Indiana during the War of 1812. The settlement was rebuilt, but later abandoned. Today, there is a small log cabin, as well as a memorial, built in 1904, to the victims of the massacre. Pigeon Roost was made a state historic site in 1929.


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  1. Keith Hunter says:

    I’ll make a visit to this sight as i met with a survivor’s descendant today. Alice R. Scott, widow of reseacher Kenneth R. Scott.

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