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A Beautiful Resting Place

Today I’m going to share one of the more unique cemeteries, if not my favorite, that I’ve been to… the Moravian Cemetery in Hope, Indiana.


With over 3,000 graves the cemetery is quite large, set on rolling hills with large trees and a peaceful little rock garden. The newer parts of this cemetery look very similar to most other cemeteries that we’re accustomed to. There’s several very large grave markers, and every more that are interestingly made.

Then, in the older parts of the cemetery, all the gravestones are flat. This was a traditional Moravian practice, symbolizing their belief of equality in death. Burials were also under the choir system, where there are different sections for men and women. There is a section for boys, unmarried men, married men, girls, unmarried women, married women, and paupers. This follows a custom first started in Herrnhut, Germany by early Moravians. However, a few gravestones have a footer for planting flowers, a feature that is unique to Hope.

I really enjoyed walking around this cemetery, and plan to visit it again in the near future. There’s a lot more history and fun tidbits on the Hope Moravian Church’s website.

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