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To Forever Gaze Upon Her Face

103_0311Père Lachaise, tombe de Fernand Arbelot (sculpteur Adolphe Wansart)

Fernand Arbelot is buried in Cimetière du Père Lachaise, within the city of Paris, France. He seems quite the mysterious character, described as a musician, an actor, and sometimes an architect, little else is known about him. However, most people remember him for “his one desire in death to forever gaze on the face of his wife”.

"Ils furent émerveillés du beau voyage  Qui les mena jusqu’au bout de la vie"

He was able to do so with the help of Belgian sculptor Adolphe Wansart, who created Arbelot’s monument in 1946. It reads Ils furent emerveilles du beau voyage qui les mean jusq’au buot de la vie. (They marveled at the beauty of the journey that brought them to the end of life).

Although no one knows who his wife was, or where she is buried, she is forever memorialized with her husband.

Information from, Featured image by AlpixImages.

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