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Dollhouse Graves of Indiana

Vivian Mae Allison and Lova Cline were two young girls taken from their families much too soon. Their devoted parents built and then placed dollhouses on their graves, an unusual sight for many people who first come across them. Vivian (1894-1899) is buried in the

A Beautiful Resting Place

Today I’m going to share one of the more unique cemeteries, if not my favorite, that I’ve been to… the Moravian Cemetery in Hope, Indiana. With over 3,000 graves the cemetery is quite large, set on rolling hills with large trees and a peaceful little rock

Skyline Bill’s Resting Place

George F. Willman, otherwise known as Skyline Bill, was sort of a legend in Jennings County, Indiana. It’s known that he arrived in Indiana at the age of 17, and had various jobs in his lifetime, including a railroad telegrapher, a stagecoach driver, and a rodeo

The Old Man in the Cemetery

I’ve heard a tale about a statue in the Crothersville City Cemetery that will shake your hand, or maybe it’s not the statue, but the ghost of a banker that spent all the bank’s money. Either way I wanted to go check this cemetery out. There are