The Grave in the Middle of the Road: Part 2

Some interesting developments have been happening at The Grave in the Middle of the Road in Johnson County, Indiana. I previously wrote a post about the history of the grave, a little over two years ago now. In May of this year (2016), it was decided that Nancy Barnett’s remains will be temporarily removed so that the road could be widened and the grave be dug deeper so that it was no longer disturbed by passing vehicles. For the several weeks it would take to complete the work, an anthropology professor and his students would be examining the remains to learn more about someone who had died 200 years ago. Then, Nancy would get a brand new coffin, and be buried in her rightful spot once more, still in the middle of the road.

Once digging began, it was discovered that there is more than one set of remains buried in this spot, in fact, it’s believed to be at least seven different people! It’s still unknown who these people are. Descendants of Nancy have been involved in the process, and there will be a DNA analysis to try to decide if they are relatives. All of the remains will be buried in new coffins in the same site, officially turning “The Grave in the Middle of the Road” into “The Cemetery in the Middle of the Road”.

Now it’s believed that not only did Nancy’s grandson Daniel prevent her grave from being moved, but he saved a whole cemetery!

Photos and new information from the Indy Star website.