Taylor Chapel Cemetery

On Sunday we visited Taylor Chapel Cemetery, located on the outskirts of Jackson County, Indiana. It borders the Brown County State Park, making it seem like you’ve traveled a great distance into the wilderness (although it’s only about 20 minutes from Seymour). Hidden away in trees and on top of a hill, it’s a must visit for any cemetery lover in the area.

When we arrived and stepped out of the car, there was absolute quiet. No birds, no bugs, no people, no nothing. Honestly, it was eerie to me. Later, while walking through the cemetery, we could hear, very faintly, what sounded like a woman singing. It was a weird occurrence, as very few homes are near the cemetery. Even if we would’ve heard someone from that far away, no one looked to be home.

I want to visit this cemetery again, hopefully in the near future, as I believe it would be spectacular to see when the leaves have all changed colors!