Cemetery in a Zoo

The Louisville Zoo in Kentucky hosts a variety of animals and fun, but in the middle of the zoo is a small historic cemetery. Officially named the Phillips-Durrett-Clark Cemetery, after the families who are buried there, it contains graves that date back to the early to mid 1800s. The cemetery is surrounded by low brick wall, and only one grave has a marker. That grave belongs to Jenkins Phillips, who fought in the Revolutionary War with George Washington and helped survey Kentucky.

When the zoo was built in 1969, they decided to build around the cemetery instead of moving it or simply building over it, a fate that has happened and will continue to happen to many small family cemeteries.

A monument erected by the Louisville Zoological Garden in 1990 reads “Commemorated here is Jenkins Phillips 1744-1822. A pioneer who fought with General George Washington and helped survey much of Kentucky for Henry Clay and the commonwealth of Virginia.”