Skyline Bill’s Resting Place

George F. Willman, otherwise known as Skyline Bill, was sort of a legend in Jennings County, Indiana. It’s known that he arrived in Indiana at the age of 17, and had various jobs in his lifetime, including a railroad telegrapher, a stagecoach driver, and a rodeo performer. He even had a museum with cowboy-type artifacts, and now many of his personal items can be found at the Jennings County Historical Society.

It’s said that he was buried in the upright position by his own request, and it’s also said that his horse was buried with him.

You can just barely see the fence marking the cemetery.

Since it seems he was well liked, it’s a shame what his grave looks like today. He is buried on the property he originally owned, which is now a part of Crosley Fish and Wildlife area, and sadly overgrown. It takes a short walk through tall grass and brush to reach the enclosed area where he is buried along side his wife, son, and daughter-in-law. It’s impossible to access the cemetery through the gate, and you must climb the fence to read the stones. He and his son, Fenton, are the only two with visible stones.