The Grave in the Middle of the Road

Nancy Kerlin Barnett died on December 1, 1831 and was laid to rest in a small cemetery on a hill overlooking Sugar Creek in Johnson County, Indiana. Eventually, a road was put in near to the cemetery, but all was still well. The trouble started when the road was to be widened, and Nancy’s grave had to be moved. One of Nancy’s grandsons, Daniel Doty, wanted his grandmother to stay buried right where she wanted, and promptly grabbed his shotgun and sat on her grave until the county agreed to just build the road around it.

On August 8, 1912 a concrete slab was placed over her grave for protection, and a historic marker was erected in 1982 to tell this amazing story. So today, Nancy’s grave is a bit of a tourist attraction, and is always mentioned in writings of unusual places in Indiana. But this is definitely unusual.